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Selectie Training Olanda

ATDR anunta selectie participanti pentru Training-ul “Don't take volunteers for granted” , care va avea loc in perioada 15.10.2007 - 21.10.2007 in Olanda.

Conditii financiare:
- cazare si masa 100% acoperite
- transport 70% decontare
- cotizatie 130 RON

Grup tinta, tinerii peste 18 ani.
Cei interesati pot trimite o scrisoare de intentie (in limba engleza), Application Form si un CV cu poza pe adresa: mariana.buzarin@atdr.ro

Data limita pentru aplicatie este 15 martie 2007.

The context and the motivation:
The training with be dealing with the subject voluntary work throughout Europe and the role and position youth takes in this field of work. How does Western Europe organise its voluntary work, and how does (for example) the new European countries organise theirs? We will have a deeper look at the differences and similarities. What can the participants learn from an organisation from Estonia or Sweden? We will have a look at the positive sides of both of them. What is good and interesting volunteer project? In what way are volunteers protected by law during their projects; does it even exist in Spain and what about Malta?

During the training the participants will have a look at the different parts of Europe and how volunteer work is organised in the Netherlands. The training will help the applicants and their organisations to improve their skills and to enhance their knowledge of the theme. The training will bring maximum 18 professionals in the field of Youth work together and trough workshops, debates, discussion and study visit we want to establish an environment in which they get the opportunity to develop themselves as an individual and as a group.

Next to this we want to work on an European network, building “youth” bridges, establish new contacts and partnerships. Also the possibility to step out of the daily work situation and to be among equivalent people can stimulate the process of positive thinking and influences, it will be easier to give feed back and it can help to give an identity to the work field and there problems.

To succeed in our aims and objectives we accept only partners with a mandate from there organizations and who are experienced as professionals in the field of youth work. Applicants must have at least 2 years of experience in the program Youth in action and regular organize youth activities. There will be 18 places (maximum) on the training and the applicants should fulfil the following conditions.
* they should be working as professionals
* they should have (at least) 2 years experience as an organizer
* they should pass on the information, skills and contacts
* they must have a mandate to make concrete agreements with other organizations
* they should be able to use English as a working language
* they should be ready to fulfil an open and active role in the training
* they should be able to attend the full duration of the seminar

We will not accept adventurers, EVS volunteers, travellers, groupies, treasure hunters, vagabonds, holiday makers and self-seeking personalities.

Dates and place:
Texel the Netherlands,
15.10.2007 – 21.10.2007

Working language: English

Working methods:
The training will bring together representatives of many organisations to exchange ideas and agree a viable culture-based project. The methods employed over the 7 days of the visit will be:

* visual presentations;
* group work, group discussions and brainstorming;
* presentation of the Youth in action program;
* site and study visits;
* group debates.

The purpose of the training is:
* Develop and showing techniques and skills in the context of the theme;
* Improve the knowledge of the European Union and the Council of Europe youth programs;
* Discuss on professional level;
* Give the opportunity for an exchange of information and experiences;
* Improve the knowledge about the theme;
* Creating new and sharing tools;
* Improve the knowledge of participating organizations;
* Co-operation in the fields of Europe;
* Provide clear definitions of the theme and counselling with a historical overview;
* Set up projects together.

Almost all of the expenses will be covered by the hosting organisation, with funding from the EU Programme Youth in Action. Board, local transport and lodging are provided by the hosting organization and are covered by the project budget.

70% of travel expenses will also be reimbursed, based on the most economic form of transport (APEX, student fare etc.). Please note that there are limitations for travel reimbursements, depending on the country and the distance (a detailed table will be send to the selected participants). In principle, the biggest compensation for the travel costs will be up to 550 EUR (but 70% of the costs).

Pentru Application Form apasa aici !

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