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YRDA has been awarded for special results in developing projects under Youth Programme

The best youth project from Romania, done in partnership


Established in 2001, the association developed an activity of financial support for children in need, broadening its activity field in 2004 through projects developed for youth from Gorj county together with partners from the country or abroad.

Youth & Regional Development Association
Tineri, Taste si Condei
Forumul Tinerilor din Gorj


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· to promote the developing activity of creative capacity, the development of youth scientific, technical, artistic, cultural and intellectual creation;

· to develop educational programmes for children, youngsters and persons with special needs;

· to encourage the managerial abilities and organizational aptitudes among youngsters at local, national and international level;

· to protect disfavored children, especially the abandoned ones and those coming from numerous, single parent, poor or disorganized families;

· to support activities of protecting the environment through development of projects related to environmental protection together with other associations or authorities.

· to promote gender equalty;

· the association contribuate to the development of Romanian society through promoting youngsters, the values of democracy and the human wrights;






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“The best youth project from Romania, done in partnership” for 2005

“The best youth project from Romania, done in partnership” for 2005
“The best youth project from Romania, done in partnership” for 2005, was awarded to “Youth and Regional Development” Association, Targu Jiu, for the project: “One Step for Future”.

Sunday, 11.12.2005 at Bucharest took place the NATIONAL YOUTH AWARDS, event organized by ANSIT (National Agency for Supporting Youth Initiatives) and ANT (National Youth Authority), event that finished the “European Youth Week”, celebrated at European level but also in Romania both to local and central level.
The organizers have awarded the best youth projects in Romania for 2005:
1. “The best youth project from Romania, done in partnership” - “Youth and Regional Development” Association for the project: „One Step For Future”;
2. The best local initiative - “The Trubadurs of the 20st century” Association for the project: “The Trubadurs of the 20st century”;
3. The most active volunteer - “ACTOR” Association, for the project: „Theatr Fforwm Cymru”;
4. Youth initiatives – the best networking project- “ARSIS” Association, for the project: „Brainstorming”;
5. The best inclusion project - “HUMAN REFORM” Foundation, for the project: “Breaking Barriers 2005-Romania”;
To the official ceremony “Youth and Regional Development” Association was represented by its Vice-president: Catalin-Ionut Cornea, who recived the prise from Cristina Covaci, Director of YOUTH programme in Romania. Cristina Covaci underlined the importance of the project and its final product "Gorj Declaration on Youth Participation".

The prize was awarded by ANSIT (National Agency for Supporting Youth Initiatives) and ANT (National Youth Authority).
“Youth and Regional Development” Association express its thanking to local and national mass-media, local authorities, coal societies, commercial societies, high-schools and NGOs from Gorj and Mehedinti counties (Tg-Jiu/ Motru/ Sisesti/Ranca), as well as to foreign partners, that in the same measure contributed to the success of this project.

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